Your Next 90

Your Next 90
Your Next 90 2017-07-25T18:26:59+00:00

Without a plan, it’s just work. What will you change in the Next 90 days?

As a certified ActionCOACH Business Coach, I help business owners make their business work for them, not the other way ’round. Let’s meet! I’ll buy the coffee, if you bring the topic. Boom! One problem solved!

Some common problems we’ll solve…

      • Too much work, not enough time.  Your days are filled with putting out fires and fixing other people’s mistakes. Customer demands keep you off balance. You don’t have time to think about your business. Let me share 3 key strategies to help your business resolve this issue.


      • Profitability not where you’d like it. You may need more customers, or your profit margins may be low. You may have cashflow challenges due to stock control or receivables. You will learn the only 5 ways to boost your business profitability.


      • Marketing not effective. Not sure which half of your marketing is working? I will introduce you to the 7 steps to an effective marketing program.


      • Employees are unmotivated and difficult. Does your team seem uncommitted to your business? Does turnover cost you time and money? Let me show you the 6 Keys to a winning team that will help your business achieve its goals.

I offer a free coaching session – Let’s spend an hour or so focused on your toughest issue and I’ll help your business with a great idea and a fresh perspective – GUARANTEED!