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Use these free business tools to identify your business opportunities:


Business Health Check

In business, it is always the little things that get the big results. Our Business Health Check will give you invaluable insights into the many areas of your business. After completing the Business Health Check, you will receive a Free Report based on your answers, prepared by our team of highly skilled Business Coaches.

Marketing Test

Find out how effective your current marketing efforts are and how your campaigns score against other companies you’re competing against…then get a complimentary coaching session to discover how to turn your marketing expenses into guaranteed results!

Business Diagnostic

Our Business Diagnostic test gives a full picture into your business. It takes about 10-20 minutes to complete and is 100 questions long. It will give you valuable insight into what areas of your business need improving. Finish your analysis with a free consulting session with your local ActionCOACH business coach.

Top 5 Business Challenges

Here is how the team at ActionCOACH can help you solve your Top 5 Business Challenges … Pick your top 5 to 7 most important business priorities and schedule a free consultation to brainstorm how to address these challenges.

Operations Test

Is your business up to speed? Find out how your operations “stack up” … then get a complimentary business coaching session to discover how to get better results than you’ve expected from your current resources!

Business Training Test

Is your Team on the right track? Find out how your training”measures up” against other companies today. Getting the results will guide you to implement the types of training to get your company right on track………

Are you ready to become an Entrepreneur?

If you have never benefited from owning your own business, take this test to see if you have what it takes to be successful working for yourself….