What Business Owners Want Isn’t Always What They Need

"What's wanted isn't always what's needed." - Texas Bix Bender When I ask business owners what they want, they often say, "More Leads!" But more leads is actually the LAST thing you need. They are expensive and require time and effort to followup on. And most businesses do not convert leads into sales very well. [...]

Are You The Best?

"Be the best. It's the only market that's not crowded."  George Whalin Being the Best is a perfect Vision for your company. It's simple, easy to communicate and inspirational. It will enroll people (Team, customers, suppliers, strategic alliances) and focus them on the goal. And, as Whalin points out, there's not a lot of competition! [...]

3 Ways To Improve Your Business

The 3 Point Series: The Role of  the Business Owner Here are 3 ways to improve your business this week: Is it all on you? Identify 8 customer service standards you believe are important to your customers. Ask every customer you meet today to rank them in order of importance to them. Ask them if [...]

Innovate or Die

All business is two things: Innovation & Marketing. -Peter Drucker. How are you doing? Use Innovation to Build Your Business Many small businesses are not good at either of these critical skills. They see Marketing as a necessary evil and spend little time on it and they often leave innovation to large companies [...]

Success Has Nothing To Do With You

"Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well." -Jim Rohn As I work with business owners here in Omaha, I'm constantly struck with the importance of changing our mindset about Success. Success as a business owner is not a result of what the owner does. Rather,  Success is a result of what the owner focuses others on doing. Success Is Not [...]

Why Customers Don’t Care About Your Product

"Customer satisfaction probably has little to do with your product or service." -Tom Peters. This is a tough comment. We work so hard to provide our product or service well, focused on satisfying our customer. If our customers aren't looking at what we do, how can we take care of them? What do customers want?!? [...]

What Business Are You In?

Brad Sugars, the founder of ActionCOACH, recently shared his thoughts on business... What business are you in? This is a simple question right? Wrong. Will she be back? No matter what kind of business you are in, your business isn’t about the product you sell. Your business is about the customers you serve. [...]

The 3rd Biggest Risk To Your Business: Your Business!

Your business is actually the 3rd biggest risk to itself. The world is not a friendly or forgiving place and a business owner must prepare for the worst. If your business isn't structured to weather a downturn, your business could die.  Many businesses fail from sudden losses - theft, weather damage, fire. You may have [...]

You’re Not Important. But You Are Necessary.

We overestimate what we will do in a year; underestimate what we can do in 5. - Brad Sugars Are you on target? How's the year going so far? Have you started yet? Here's the bad news - the year's half over! June is the month to plan how you will end the [...]

6 Ways to Wow Your Customers

"Be the best. It's the only market that's not crowded." G. Whalin Don't be this guy... As a business owner, much of our time is spent making sure customers are served and satisfied. But often this is after the fact, dealing with complaints and issues. To be more effective, here are 6 ways to [...]