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Buying Customers

Business is basically shopping for customers - choosing which one you want and deciding how much you will pay for them. When it comes down to it, you are in the business of buying customers. You can start a business, run it from home and never tell anyone about it, but you will not succeed [...]

3 Ways To Improve Your Business

The 3 Point Series: The Role of  the Business Owner Here are 3 ways to improve your business this week: Is it all on you? Identify 8 customer service standards you believe are important to your customers. Ask every customer you meet today to rank them in order of importance to them. Ask them if [...]

Are You Driven?

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. - Winston Churchill Working with my client today, the discussion revolved around being Process Driven vs. Results Driven. Process Driven or Results Driven? The business owner wants to focus on HOW things get done, but I suggested they need to address IF things get [...]

Hard Work Is Not The Missing Strategy

Owners rarely fail because they didn't work hard enough - rarely succeed because they worked harder. - Brad Sugars I'm working with a client right now who goes from dawn to dusk - always charging. But it's interesting - he doesn't actually get a lot done. The business keeps going and customers are served but [...]

Are You Connected?

Tim Mushey recently blogged a quote from Robert Kiyosaki: “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” As our business landscape has changed from a manufacturing base to a knowledge base, this quote is ever-more accurate. Even if you build hard assets, your success in business will depend [...]

Are You Too Big To Fail?

Are You Too Big To Fail?  Of course not. Your business is at risk of failing every day. There are things that can happen that will kill it instantly. Customer or Employee injuries. A natural disaster. Bad publicity. All of these can end it all. Need to change directions? But generally, you don't [...]

Are You In Bed With Your Customer?

"Customer satisfaction probably has little to do with your product or service." -Tom Peters Do your customers like Thai food? How many of them have iPhones or Androids? Did you send them all birthday cards this year? Hit Your Target Most business owners can't answer these questions. But more and more, the organization with [...]

Need Cash? That’s the 2nd step to selling your business

If you own a business, you should be preparing for the end You should have a vision of how you will leave your business (you have to, someday). There are really only 2 options: Sell it, Give it to your Kids. In either case, you need to do 4 things to get the most value [...]