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My Client Is Bored

A Business That Works Without The Owner I had a wonderful meeting with my landscaper client last week. When I walked into his office, he told me, "Jim, I'm kinda bored." It's June as I write this, so this would not be a normal comment. As a landscaper, this is his season. I've known him for years [...]

Buying Customers

Business is basically shopping for customers - choosing which one you want and deciding how much you will pay for them. When it comes down to it, you are in the business of buying customers. You can start a business, run it from home and never tell anyone about it, but you will not succeed [...]

Is Your Team Worth Training?

Why is intensive-extensive training obvious for the army & navy & sports teams & performing arts groups—but not for the average business? -Tom Peters "Team" is a recurring theme with me. That's because the #1 job of the business owner is designing, hiring and developing a Team. The minute a business goes from a 1-person [...]

3 Ways To Improve Your Business

The 3 Point Series: The Role of  the Business Owner Here are 3 ways to improve your business this week: Is it all on you? Identify 8 customer service standards you believe are important to your customers. Ask every customer you meet today to rank them in order of importance to them. Ask them if [...]

Innovate or Die

All business is two things: Innovation & Marketing. -Peter Drucker. How are you doing? Use Innovation to Build Your Business Many small businesses are not good at either of these critical skills. They see Marketing as a necessary evil and spend little time on it and they often leave innovation to large companies [...]

World Famous In Omaha

In New Zealand, there is a soft drink company called Lemon & Paeroa (L&P). They advertise, tongue in cheek, about being World Famous in New Zealand. But this is actually a perfect strategy for your business. Tell Your Story Seth Godin, my favorite business guru, reminded me that most businesses don't need to be [...]

Save Your Self Time, Energy, Money

 Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. -Dr Seuss Are You Carrying The Load? The fourth way to Leverage your business is Systems and Technology. It is fairly clear how Technology can help you get more done with less - Automation, computers and the internet offer every business ways to [...]

What Gets Measured…

It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required. - Winston Churchill. I'm continuing my exploration on how to Leverage your business. Leverage is getting more done with less of the owner's time and there are four ways a business can gain leverage: People, Distribution, Measuring and Testing, and Technology. Today, let's [...]

More With Less – Distribution

More with Less Lately, I've been thinking about Leverage, which is getting more done with less of the owner's time. I recently looked at how "good people, well trained" are the prime way to leverage but there are 3 more ways to do "ever more with ever less". The second way to Leverage is [...]

Now or Then

Nearly half the fun of everything is thinking about it beforehand or afterward. -H. Garis. Focus on the Future Ok, quick: Before you started reading this, were you working on something that affected today or something in the future? I'm guessing  that for most, it was something for today. Putting out fires is [...]