My Client Is Bored

A Business That Works Without The Owner

I had a wonderful meeting with my landscaper client last week. When I walked into his office, he told me, “Jim, I’m kinda bored.” It’s June as I write this, so this would not be a normal comment.

two_pathsAs a landscaper, this is his season. I’ve known him for years and from March to August, his business booms and brings with it a lot of stress and challenges. He hires new field teams fresh each year, trains them and finds work for them to do. Last year was an especially trying year – business was great but he was doing all the sales and drawings. He was stressed by work and personal issues. It was a pivotal moment.

Last year was a good year and his company performed well. But one of the things I admire about my client is his ability to take time to tear his business apart in the winter and reassemble it based on learnings from the previous year. This past year he added 5 new team members – salespeople, production manager, office staff. He knew that his goal was to have every function in the business handled by a team member, freeing himself for strategic work, team building and client relations. And he did it!

The reason he was a bit bored is because there are few demands on his time.

He is free to visit teams in the field, follow up with clients and review marketing. His business runs without him, allowing him to build his business even more. This is exactly what ActionCOACH focuses on – helping business owners to build a business that WORKS FOR THEM, rather than them working for their business.

I encourage you to look for ways to make yourself a bit more bored. Because in those moments, you will begin to look for larger opportunities, review your systems and find ways to do amazing things. You won’t be bored for long!


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