What Business Owners Want Isn’t Always What They Need

What Business Owners Want Isn’t Always What They Need

“What’s wanted isn’t always what’s needed.” – Texas Bix Bender

When I ask business owners what they want, they often say, “More Leads!” But more leads is actually the LAST thing you need. They are expensive and require time and effort to followup on. And most businesses do not convert leads into sales very well.

Your Business Is A Money-Making Machine

If you have a bucket with holes, pouring more water in will not help you. The bucket will only fill to the level of the lowest hole. Instead, what’s needed is to plug the holes – improve sales processes, convert better, improve margins, increase your average sale, and develop a strategy to keep customers coming back more and more. Then when you spend time and money increasing leads, you will reap the rewards.

You must build a money-making machine before you pour leads into it! A business is designed to make money. That’s what it is. If your business isn’t doing its job, then you may not be using it for what it’s designed for. It’s like using a Mercedes as a flower planter. You can do it, but you are wasting its potential.

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